I'm Shamaine, the face behind Sweet Treats Cakery. I'm a mum to, 3 beautiful children and a wife to an amazing husband.


I was taught to bake by my mum from the age of 8, we would regularly bake together on a Sunday. Baking was something I enjoyed, however, after having my first child and moving out of the family home I didn't have time to bake, I had an accounting job and was also studying two evenings a week.


In 2015 I woke up one day and I said that I was going to start baking again and that's exactly what I did. The first cake I decorated was for my Nan, it was far from perfect but I was so proud of it.


After decorating my first cake it then pushed me to try a design that was a bit more complex, so I decided to make an Iron Man cake with a real lightray for my son's birthday.  I worked hard on perfecting my decorating skills and my recipes.

My business then grew by word of mouth, and my hobby soon turned  into a business and

Sweets Treats Cakery was born.