Prices & Portions

This is a very basic guide price to our cakes and bakes. As each design is bespoke, prices will vary depending on how much detail is added.

cake Prices

Wedding Cakes

For a wedding cake quote please contact us with the following information to ensure that you get an accurate quote:

  • Date of wedding

  • Wedding location

  • Colour Scheme

  • How many guests you would like to feed

  • Cake flavours

  • Any designs you are interested in

Celebration Cakes

Tiered Celebration Cakes

6" cakes start from £70

8" cakes start from £85

10" cakes start from £105

12" cakes start from £130

6" & 8" cakes start from £160

8" & 10" cakes start from £200

For 3 tiers or more please contact us

with your requirements.

CAKE Portions

Round Cakes

Price & Portions Table v2.png
Bake Prices




Box of 12 cupcakes starting from £25

Additional Extras:

Premium filled centre 

(Nutella, Sallted Caramel, Lotus Biscoff, Jam & More)

Glitter toppers

Edible toppers

Photo toppers

Miniature alcohol bottles

8 Mini Loaves starting from £20

Additional Extras:

Buttercream topping 

(Vanilla, Chocolate or Lemon)

Lemon Drizzle

8" x 12" tray starting from £25

Stack starting from £45

Additional Extras:

Glitter toppers

Edible toppers

Photo toppers

Miniature alcohol bottles


Iced Cookies start from £3 each

(minimum order 12)

Cookies will be individually wrapped for freshness.

Additional Extras:

Hand painting

Premium decorations